Disney Macaroons: A Review

When many people come to the parks, there are many things that people look at and the biggest thing? FOOD.

Now, I am just like everyone else when it comes to the food at the Disneyland Resort. I expect the best, and I expect it to be delicious. Hell, every time I go, there are things I crave when I get there, and it isn’t always the Dole Whip or churros.

It was one of my friends, Crystal, who had gotten me into these lovely little desserts.

I never had had a macaroon before, and before this time, i didn’t see the appeal. Now, I have only found them in one location, Jolly Holiday, on Main Street U.S.A. and they are delicious. There are not very many flavors, as the only two I have ever had are the lemon macaroons and the raspberry macaroons.

Each are delicious when you want take a break from the parks and walking around. It is also delicious to have with a hot chocolate (as seen in the photo) on a cold night around the parks.

Is there anywhere else you can find the macaroons? If so, leave a comment below to help myself and others!


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