Jungle Book: A Review

It seems that everyone has been talking about this movie.

So, I was skeptical when I heard about this movie and when it was being made into a live action movie. Based on the 1960’s “The Jungle Book” by Walt Disney, as well as the book by the same title written by Rudyard Kipling by the same title, there was enough to be left to the cartoon version. I feel that that the cartoon did the story justice, and while there was definitely a lack of Baloo being the mature teacher he is portrayed as in the books, the movie had the charm of a children’s movie, but also giving a great adventure.

Moving to the new live action film, there is a lot more of the books into the movie. The movie used the songs from the original cartoon, but in a way that seemed so organic that it was not forced upon like a musical sometimes comes out to be (despite Christopher Walken being a horrible singer). The story told a great adventure and also allowed the audience guidance into a world and it’s laws, not just a boy who lived in a jungle and ran around with animals.

What I think there is to say about the new live action movie is we are in a new era where cartoons were the ‘CGI’ of Walt Disney’s time. Especially when using the cartoons in his live action films. Now, in the year 2016, we are doing the same but with computer animation instead.

Much like “The Good Dinosaur” I thought the movie was breath taking in how the animals were portrayed, the scenery, and Neel Sethi; the boy who plays Mowgli, did an amazing job with only working with green screens and his imagination.

All in all, I’d give it a 4/5 wolf paws and would recommend anyone to see it. I look forward to the next live action movies which I will write about soon enough.

What did you think of the live action “The Jungle Book”?


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