Mulan: Costume Changes?

So, it is no secret that Mulan is perhaps one of the rarest princess to be seen in the parks on a regular basis along with Jasmine. But one thing has always struck me with Fa Mulan. Why is it that she is always presented in the dress that she can’t see herself in?

In the movie, which we all know by the famous song “Reflection”, that she can’t see who she is in general, let alone in the geisha inspired outfit she is wearing for only the first ten minutes of the movie. Then why is it that in the parks we, first, rarely see her at all, and second, it is in the dress that she does not see herself in?

Personally, as much as I love Disney, there is a certain type of image they are trying to promote in the parks when it comes to the princesses. The princesses need to be in pink, they need to show the feminine side of everything, and finally, they are to be as dainty as possible. Now, as we know, this outfit, as beautiful as it is, shows everything that Mulan is against.

This isn’t to say that Mulan is ashamed of being a woman, and that definitely does not make her a tomboy just because she wants to defend her father’s honor in a war. BUT, why not show her in her armor? Or why not show her in the dress that she ends up in at the end of the movie, which is probably a better representation of how she feels inside. She also wears the last outfit of the first movie in her sequel.

Now, I know she has worn her armor when there was the meets and greets in Disneyland for the “Lost Friends” event, but when you see her on Chinese New Year, she is still in this same attire.

The question still stands, why do we only see her in this dress?

I’m curious to know what everyone thinks. Do you think Mulan should keep this outfit? Or should Disney change her outfit in the parks to reflect the character’s transformation?


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