Star Wars Land

Well, we all have been hearing about it and talking about it, I might as well talk about it too.

Coming to a galaxy near us is the future of Disneyland. Now, there are many who are skeptical of this expansion, myself included, but I have also seen the best parts of this expansion and that’s the congestion of the parks are going to be decreased.

As an avid resident of the Disneyland Resort, i am often upset at the lack of space there is for us Annual Passholders, especially on those busy nights when you are trying to get past everyone at Fantasmic! before they get out.

Looking at the new layout to how they plan on building the new Star Wars Land, it will allow the park a much easier flow of traffic through the park.


According to this image, we can see that there is going to be two more ways that people can get around the park. Instead of getting to a dead end when exiting Splash Mountain, there will be a way to get into Star Wars land. On top of that, there will also be another entrance from Fantasyland into Star Wars land. It is good to look at this because the traffic flow will allow people to move around the park more freely and not be bunch together.

Obviously, this will not include the parades which always create large crowds and congestion on Main Street through to it’s a small world.

Do you think that this will help or will there be more people in the park as time goes on?


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