Affordable Disney Bounding: Mickey Mouse

There are many who love to Disney bound when they go to the parks. I have recently gotten myself into this phenomenon of Disney bounding. I have only ever done it once, but I found it to be cost effective and easy to do when in the parks.

The first (and really only) time I ever Disney bounded was when I did Mickey Mouse. I had used this when I was Mickey for Halloween, and recently did it in the parks. Sadly, Mickey was not in his regular get up when I met him in his home, but I dressed in a very easy outfit to pull off if you plan on Disney bounding as Mickey.

The first thing is the red shorts. I chose the Merona Cargo shorts from Target. The black shirt was from H&M and the ears are the standard Mickey ears from the resort. I did have the Mickey hands which were purchased for me from the park, but they aren’t shown here.

Now, this isn’t the most lavish Disney bound as others, but this is my first attempt at it and I think it is pretty well done for the most part.

Tell me what you think and what other Disney Bounds should I do in the future?


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