Disney Eating On A Budget

Many of us when we go to the Disneyland Resort often look to a few things when we go. We look at the rides, which ones to take first and last, when the parades are, Paint the Night is always a fun choice, and finally….FOOD. Yes, I am a foodie just like everyone else, and with an annual pass, I often go and look to get things that are in a good price range and offer the best food for that affordable price.

This should help those who are going to Disneyland and hoping to save a few dollars when going to the resort.

Now, we have two parks and I’ll write a second post about what you can get from the other park, but for this purpose, we are going to be looking at Disney’s California Adventure.

One of the least expensive places to eat is the Pacific Wharf. There you have three options. You can choose Chinese, Mexican, or sandwiches/bread bowls. Each are around the $9-12 a plate for food. Now, to many of us, that doesn’t sound all that cheap, but when you are at the resort and to eat at a sit down restaurant is $20 a plate or more, this is as cheap as it is going to get.

We have one other option that is the cheapest and that’s Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. This is probably perhaps one of my favorite places to eat at. The sun-dried tomato pasta is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who goes. There are other places which are around the same price ranges, but they are their own separate experiences.

Hope this helps those who are trying to go to the parks!


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