Disney Legend: Mary Blair

Let’s talk about Disney Legend Mary Blair.

She was one of the most influential concept artist in Disney films, one of which was “Alice in Wonderland”. It was because of her artwork that the Disney Studios was finally able to produce the movie. Walt Disney had wanted to do Alice in Wonderland for a long time. He had even wanted it to be the film to do before Snow White, but because of the concepts and scripts they postponed. It wasn’t until Blair’s breakthrough work through her cartoon and bizarre drawings that allowed them to find the world of Alice to live in.

She found that she was very successful in her artistry, and many of her work had helped bring about one of the most well known attractions in the world “it’s a small world”. Even her work has inspired animators in her style, such as in the paintings of “Up”. Her contributions to the Disney company are legendary and her art had made our world have a much more interpretive and intriguing way to see the world.
She is also known for her work in “Peter Pan”, “Cinderella”, “Three Caballeros”, and she also worked briefly on “Dumbo”, “Fantasia”, and “Lady and the Tramp”

If you look at her work, she has made each scene to be much more interesting that the next, giving what our characters have seen in the films. For just as important is the animators who create these wonderful characters and the voices that help bring them to life, there is the scenery that help give these characters a world that they could interact in.

Especially in “Alice” the reason they had not been able to make the film was they could not figure out how to make the world she lived in. It was not bizarre enough, was not unique enough, and it was Blair’s sketches and designs that made it possible for them to bring the story to life. Without Mary Blair many of our favorite classic films would not have existed. So for my first blog post, I want to honor Disney Legend Mary Blair for her work and dedication to the Disney Company.
Mary Blair passed in 1978, and became a Disney Legend in 1991.


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