Make It Blue! Make It Pink!

Looking back on the Disney classic “Sleeping Beauty” we all know the infamous fight between Flora and Merryweather over whether the dress should be pink or blue. Now, much like my post about Mulan and her outfit, there is another conception that seems to be not matching up in the parks as well.

We know that the majority of the movie Aurora (also known as Briar Rose) wears a blue dress unbeknownst to Flora. Now, as we know, at the end of the movie there is the battle again between pink and blue.

The question that remains again, why is it that we don’t see Aurora in a blue dress in the parks?

There can be an argument made of course that if Aurora was to wear the blue dress in the parks, meet and greets might get confusing for children between Cinderella and Aurora who both have blonde hair and blue dresses.

But, the same thing could be said for Rapunzel and Aurora. Granted, yes, they both wear different dresses, but the same, again, could also be said for Cinderella and Aurora.

Personally, because of the fact that as I mentioned in my last post, that Disney seems to focus a lot on the feminine side and wants girls to have that societal ‘pink’ associated with girls. If they were able to force the pink onto that princess, unlike Cinderella who only wears blue in her movie, Aurora is able to be forced into the pink with no problem.

Granted, we now see in the 60th anniversary for Disneyland, there is a special doll with Aurora in her blue dress, but again, not as a character in the parks.

What do you think? Do you think Disney forces the pink onto their princesses for ‘femininity’ or is it just coincidence?


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