Submarine Voyage: A History

Everyone knows of the submarines that are at the Disneyland Resort. The submarines were known at Disneyland for letting people go down under the water and allow them to see what it was like to go in a submarine. When Walt released the attraction, he was known as having the largest fleet of submarines in the world. Many people thought of this as a political statement, but it was only merely for the fact that Walt was using it as an attraction. The submarines were taken down after some time.

Imagineers said that once it was taken down they were right back at work to find how could they bring them back? They wanted to find a way to make them bigger and better than before. At first, they had hoped that Atlantis: The Lost Empire film would cause enough of a stir that they would be able to bring back the submarines and base it on that feature film. To the Imagineer’s dismay, the film did not do as well as they hoped, and so they had to scrap the idea of using that movie as the basis.

It wasn’t for a few years later that the movie that would allow the attraction to come back was Finding Nemo. The Academy Award winning film was just what the animators needed in order to get their attraction back on the map. Making the ride sort of a sequel to the original movie, Nemo is off with his friends and trying to discover something new.

This is the biggest E-ticket attraction at the Disneyland Resort and always has over an hour wait. So, if you ever plan to go onto this attraction, make sure to plan accordingly!S


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