Civil War: A Review

Okay, so I didn’t want to bring Marvel to my blog, but oh well!

I went to the movies today after much anticipation to see the latest Marvel movie and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about the movie.

I won’t be giving out too many spoilers, so BE WARNED, it is going to be spoiler-ish.

The thing about these sequels to the individual heroes is that they aren’t full mentioned in the other films, so it’s hard to link them together if you haven’t seen the previous ones in a while. This one in particular does this as it centers around Bucky. His plot line was somewhat interesting, but the villain for this complete movie was weak. His massive plan seemed very juvenile compared to the villains the Avengers have had to deal with since the introduction of their whole series. The bigger parts though, with the law being put into place to restrict the Avengers was the bigger problem that I feel would indeed cause the rift without the outside force.

After speaking to my boyfriend about the whole ordeal too, we couldn’t figure if we were even Team Captain or Team Iron Man. Why? Because they both made valid points, but also were too drastic in how they talked about things. Why was it that there was no compromise? And since when did Captain America decide to go against The Man, when he was a soldier to begin with and always did what was told of him to do? Then there is Iron Man, who while he wanted to be the big guy who made all the rules is suddenly wanting to be restricted? It seemed a little out of place with these two with not enough development through the other movies to get these characters to that point.

Finally…Captain America himself. He was perhaps one of my favorite Avengers after his movie and moving forward through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this movie made me dislike him completely. I understand that Bucky is his best friend but to act so irrationally because of him is completely out of character for him. It seems that Bucky is the ex girlfriend he just can’t get over and is still in love with. Hell, he would kill Iron Man, not an actual enemy, but KILL him because of Bucky. That makes absolutely no sense to me in anyway, but if that is how they planned on it rolling out, then that was just cop out writing on the screenwriter’s part.

In the end, I give this movie a 3/5 Cap shields. Hopefully the third Avengers doesn’t let us down.

On the plus note…I loved Black Panther and can’t wait for his movie. (Yes, Spiderman was cool too)

What did you think of Civil War?


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  1. atthematinee says:

    Enjoyed reading this. Do you ever share your writing on any movie sites?


    1. No I haven’t. But that would be exciting to do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. atthematinee says:

        I’m glad you think so, because I was wondering if you’d be interested in getting your writing shared on Movie Pilot? Let me know!


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