Disney Gay Prince

There are so many who have been talking about this recently. Should Disney make a gay prince?

Now, there is so much controversy over this topic in the United States, and as a gay man myself, I find it to be somewhat of one I know all too well why the Disney Company might be more than just hesitant to make a movie headline with a gay prince.

Now, why would this be so important? We live in a world where the acceptance (not tolerance) of people has come to a height. The fact that the United States has been working so hard to get to this point has been a struggle for centuries and even with the Black Lives Matter movement, this acceptance of everyone is even more important.

Looking at a company standpoint, the company would not want to isolate a large population of the consumers. Economically, it wouldn’t make sense of them to do so right now. It would cause the company great distress and would also cause many to boycott the parks because of this problem, especially those in Florida.

But slowly, Disneyland has become a large population for the gay community to come and thrive and feel as peace with themselves. They can be who they are and not feel any judgment from the company itself. Sure, there are still those who are at the parks who give the ugly glare (which I have seen many times), but there is still a safe place there where the people feel as if they are being heard and that they can be okay there.

In regards to a movie revolving a gay prince, I feel we are at least a couple decades away from this happening. There can still be movements toward this, as there can be supporting roles that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Hopefully we will get an original tale, or even a spin on an old one to make way for this movement.

Do you think we should have a Disney gay prince?


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