New Live Music At DCA

At California Adventure in April, we lost the second of the live bands at Hollywood Studios Backlot; The Mad T Party.

In previous years we had the TRON: Legacy dance party which accompanied with the Flynn’s Arcade. Looking back, the public had been really upset with the departure of the TRON experience, and now, we have lost the next one that everyone had come to love.

The question on everyone’s mind is, what is coming next?

We know that it will be awhile until we get a new live show in that area due to the fact that Shanghai Disney has depleted the resources in its American parks to help pay for the new park. But we can’t help but wonder, when it does come back, what will take its place and how will they take this area to a new way to get people to stay after dark.

Here are some of my theories as to what they could potentially put there:

  1. Marvel: This one is a pretty obvious choice. the parks, specifically DCA has been Marvel heavy since the Super Hero HQ closed at Innoventions and moved to their new spot in DCA. It would allow for a new experience and would promote the Marvel franchise. I mean, there is also the suspected Marvel Land to open behind the Tower of Terror sooner rather than later. So, this would be the perfect edition.
  2. Monsters University: It is no surprise that while Marvel has made its way into the park, DCA has also become Pixar Land for lack of a better name. When the movie came out, it created the college party experience and from my experience it is this age group that comes out on Friday and Saturday nights to have a date or just have some fun without having to go to a club in West Hollywood or Downtown L.A.
  3. Star Wars: Yes…we know. Star Wars has been taking over the Disneyland Resort since Episode VII was getting the hype when the 60th anniversary overlay took over. With the release of an EDC album featuring Star Wars it would be no surprise if they brought that over to DCA as well to add cohesiveness to the whole resort.
  4. Frozen: Back in 2015 there was a time when Frozen Fun had taken over as the land for the Hollywood Backlot. During that time we had a couple months of a Frozen electric party. Many had seemed to enjoy thisΒ slightly in its run. So perhaps bringing back something they’ve already paid for, but simply need to put back up would make an easy transition, especially with the Frozen musical being released in the next week.

Those are just some of my ideas. What do you think will be replacing the Mad T Party?


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