Potential New Land

I like to think of myself as an honorary imagineer when I look at the Disneyland Resort. The only reason I think of this park and not others is because that’s the only park I can go to on a regular basis.

Seeing that we have many things coming to our park including the anticipated Star Wars Land, the Frozen Musical, and the rumored Marvel Land. But one land I have often thought a no brainer to create for the Disney Company is Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph.

The 2012 blockbuster has a video game villain try to become a hero by trying to win a medal. Through this, he goes through many lands including his Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, and Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush is a fictional racing game where everyone races to win a pot of money that the players race to win. It is ruled by King Candy, and we have a little glitch named Vanelope Von Schweetz who we learn later on in the movie is actually the ruler of Sugar Rush, but she just wants to be a racer and win a race.

Pretty easy plot line, but the actual place of Sugar Rush offers to have its own land created that would be exciting for any guest to experience.

The biggest attraction that would exist is a racers, much like the one in Cars Land. There would also be sweet shops through the entire land as well, including one where you can watch someone make the candy. Another attraction could be like Toy Story Mania where you do the Mini Game building your own go cart. There could also be the palace where you can meet Ralph and Vanelope.

Obviously, these are rough ideas, but think of the possibilities! So, Disney, when will this land be built?

What other lands do you think should exist based on Disney movies?


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