Shanghai Disneyland

With the anticipation of the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, there is a lot that has been going through my mind in terms of the future of the original Disneyland Resort.

As we have seen with many of the new parks that have been emerging in Asia, there are new technologies that are existing and the audio animatronics are looking not just more life-like, but they are looking much more smooth with their movements. Especially in California Adventure, the Little Mermaid attraction is just a small insert of what the modern technology looks like, as well as the new Cars Land.

The big question is, will the attractions we fell in love with ever get the upgrades that Shanghai Disneyland or even Tokyo Disney have received? Or even better, SHOULD they get the upgrades?

Especially looking at Disneyland becoming 60 years old last year, it begs to wonder if the original Disney park, the one where it all began would get the new upgrades as its predecessors have? Many would think no because of the charm and it actually shows the origins of the Disney parks in general. Even looking at some of these attractions that have been there since the beginning or even the ones added a few years after the opening, and changes have been made to them, locals have become angry and upset.

The biggest example of this comes with Pirates of the Caribbean. The attraction inspired the movie franchise, and because of this, the story of the attraction changed. Looking to the new Pirates attraction in Shanghai it seems that it is going to be completely based on the movie franchise, but it looks amazing.

Personally? I think that Disneyland, one day, will need the facelift to keep its relevance and innovator in California. I know there are many who think that there shouldn’t be the changes, but as they always say, “Disneyland will never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world”. If this is true, Disneyland will be changed, much like it had in the 60 years it has existed.

What do you think? Should the original Disneyland get updates much like the other parks have?


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