Top 5: Unknown Things to Do At Disneyland

When going to the Disneyland Resort there are always things that you wish you could do to make the experience new again. There are many times I have gone to the Resort when there is just too many people trying to hit Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, or Pirates of the Caribbean. When those days happen, I revert to doing things that no many would want to do, or would normally do on a day when they have a one day ticket.

But, if you are an annual pass holder, or want something new to do. Here are my top 5 things to do at the Disney Parks:

  1. Get an Honorary Citizen of Disneyland Pin: You can find these at any of the stores or even better Town Hall. I have done this a couple of times, and to say the least, if it is not a super busy day or they have some time, the Cast Members will make you ‘earn’ your pin. As an avid Disney goer, they like to challenge you and make you really earn that pin. I’ve had to answer sometimes even the hardest of trivia questions.
  2. Go see Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln: Sure, many people see this as an understated attraction, and sometimes people don’t even know it’s there. Located in the Town Square of Main Street U.S.A., it is a great place to relax for a good 20 minutes before continuing your day. I also recommend it because it was also an original to the World Fair in the 1960’s which is one of the first Audio Animatronics in existence. Yes, the history buff in my is coming out, but it is still amazing to see.
  3. SHOP: I am known for being that guy when we go to the Disney parks to check out all the stores. What many don’t know about the Disneyland Resort is that each store is unique to its location and it is not easy to find the same thing in other parts of the park unless they’re ears. But each store has its own merchandise. If you liked that lion figure from that Bazaar in Adventureland, you aren’t going to find it in Tomorrowland.
  4. Mickey and the Magical Map: Okay, so this one isn’t so secret, but this is probably the best show that the parks have put out in a very long time. I could watch this show multiple times and be entertained every single time. I’ve seen this show enough to know when actors change. It is an amazing story, amazingly designed, and an amazing experience. I probably will do a post on this eventually…
  5. Disneyland Railroad: Though the railroad is closed for the next year, when it reopens, this attraction is probably the best one to go on as well when you want to take a minute off and to see the Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas. This attraction saved my mom a few times who loved sitting on it over and over and over again.

I hope this list gives you something new and exciting to do at Disneyland at least. Let me know what else is a hidden treasure to do at the parks.


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