Disney Infinity Discontinued

This news has been buzzing around the internet the past few days and I decided to talk about it as well.

The Disney video game, which allows you to play your favorite Disney characters, collect them, and use them to fight mini games has been discontinued.

According to the podcast “Divas Dish Diz”, their research showed the reason for the discontinuation was because of the fact that the sales for the game had not been as profitable as they had expected.

To be fair, I had tried this game out myself, trying to see if I would be alright with the game as I heard people somewhat liked the game, and it allowed you to collect Disney characters to add to your games.

After my own playing for about a week, I found the game to be very, well…basic. It was mostly a free for all game where you played and had to buy things in the game to make your world better. As well as that, you had to purchase the three extensions they created to even keep up with the new games and the new characters they put out which was very costly. In the end, this game was very pricey and when you wanted to actually do well in the game you had to spend more than the $60 to even buy the starter pack.

While many seem to be upset about this topic, it will create opportunities for the Disney Company to create more enticing games that will allow the world to expand in other ways.

All in all, the gaming division of the Disney company has been lacking except for one, Tsum Tsums. I’ll be talking about this specific game on another post, but even the other app games like “Magic Kingdom” and their new dice game seems to be lacking in excitement and enticing people to keep buying things for their games.

What do you think? Did Disney pull the plug too soon? Or did they do it a little too late?


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