Disneyland Shanghai: Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue

Another of the most beloved characters in the Disney/Pixar universe is that of Buzz Lightyear. The character has sparked a lot of Tomorrowland with its attraction Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster.

Looking at the new Disneyland opening in Shanghai, I checked out a new video of Shanghai Disney and it’s version of the attraction.

Changed to be named “Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue”, it seems to take on the plot from the beginning of Toy Story 2 where Buzz is on a planet to try and stop Zurg from spreading his evil around the galaxy.

It starts with you at Star Command and using the blasters you shoot the Z’s, much like at the other attractions, and try and destroy Zurg.

One of the common themes I am seeing in the new park is the use of video to tell the story. Thinking on this fact, there is either the idea that people want to see the videos and that it makes it cheaper, or the technology seems more interesting to use a video rather than make animatronics that will add to the life-like immersive experience.

What do you think?

Shanghai Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue


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