Tsum Tsums

One of the biggest things to come to the United States in the Disney merchandise are the Tsum Tsums. These little stuffed balls of cuteness are perhaps the best things to help with promoting new movies, specific attractions, or even trying to bring nostalgia to the people who consume them.

Tsum sums are also inspired by the Japanese game that you an get on your smart phone. The game is one I thoroughly enjoy. You connect the Disney characters and using a specific character as your main character you can use skills that help you gain more points. You collect coins which help you buy new Tsum Tsums and build a collection, much like you can in real life.

Tsum Tsum comes from the Japanese word “stack stack” which is what you can do to create a pyramid for your Tsum Tsums and you can even just put them on top of one another.

The cute little guys have created their own little series only that you can watch via YouTube as well as get them on iTunes to watch and enjoy.

To be honest, I was not a huge fan of collecting them due to the fact I thought they looked like tiny gerbils. But, over time, they grew on me, and on top of that, it gave me something to collect that was more affordable than the Vinylmations.

Go to your nearest Disney Store or Park to get unique Tsum Tsums!

Which one is your favorite?


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