Disneyland Shanghai: Enchanted Storybook Castle

Looking to the castle is probably the biggest icon anyone will see when they go to a Disney Park. Walking down Main Street and seeing its gleaming spires, the magic just seems to consume you. This is no different to the castle that was built in Disneyland Shanghai.

The Enchanted Storybook Castle is the largest of all the castles and is the most interactive out of all of them. Taking a page from the original castle in Anaheim, CA, the Shanghai castle is equipped with a walk through experience where you travel through…Snow White’s story.

Now, this could just have been considered Snow White’s castle, for if you watch the video I am going to show you, you just merely go through Snow White’s story. But it is enchanting in a way that allows you to go through the Magic Mirror, enjoy the story through computer animation (which I’m sorry is a little creepy) and the same with the Evil Queen.

There is many interactive experiences and you get to see the story in a more immersive way that going through a dark ride like at the Disneyland Resort, or the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Orlando.

I would have to say, as interesting and as cool as it is that you can walk through this castle, the way they animated Snow White and the gang is just not doing it for me.

What do you think?

Enchanted Storybook Castle


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