Guardians of the Galaxy Tower of Terror Overlay

I’ve been reading a lot lately and hearing about the changes coming to Disney’s California Adventure Park in terms of one of the most beloved and popular attractions, Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror.

Now, before everyone gets on me for this, I actually am kind of okay with this change.

There are many who are really upset by it and the fact they love it I feel doesn’t necessarily come from the story itself, but the actual style of the attraction. Go to any amusement park that is bayside or on a pier and you have something exactly like it, but isn’t done inside a hotel.

When DCA had first opened even there was the Maliboomer which did the exact same attraction which was also just as popular.

So why would Disney do this? Well I have heard a few reasons behind this.

  1. There’s no real cohesiveness to Hollywood Studios Backlot. As much as I love DCA and I love actually that section of the park, there is no real theme to it anymore. The shop as you enter is nothing but Marvel and Star Wars merchandise, the Animation building is probably the only thing that resembles a Hollywood Backlot. The theater formerly the First Time In Forever Sing-a-long experience has disappeared, the Mad T Party has nothing to do with a backlot, Monsters Inc. that attraction was put in place of the Limo Ride which no longer fits the description. You have the Hyperion Theater which is just a place for musicals, and then in the very back is Tower of Terror which you can’t really see. We now have Marvel characters you can meet there, as well as the Zootopia characters, but that’s about it. There is no real theme to the land anymore.
  2. Twilight Zone rights. It’s costly to use a name that isn’t actually owned by you. To pay the rights after so much time for two parks is completely irrational and because of the fact that it costs so much with the parks having to readjust because of Shanghai it makes perfect sense for them to do this.
  3. Marvel has to do with Hollywood. Sure, it’s a stretch because of the fact they’re superheroes, but superheroes are celebrities and where can you find celebrities? Hollywood.
  4. Twilight Zone is outdated. Sure, it’s a fun ride, but the whole concept would not keep the younger audiences wanting to enjoy the ride. In the end, the overlay is just for amazing storytelling, where the thrill seekers enjoy the ride because of how it works, not because of the story.
  5. Disneyland will never be complete as long as there is imagination left in the world. I don’t understand sometimes people’s concept of this. Sure, it is sad to see things go, but Disneyland constantly progresses and changes and adds new things. If we kept things longer than we should then we would perpetually be living in the past and things would never get updated or have new experiences to keep people coming back to the parks. Because of this reason, Disneyland is always ahead of the time and keeps people wanting to come back. It’s why I even get my pass year after year.

I don’t know how it is going to be updated yet, or when it will be changed, but it seems that it is going to be a for sure thing. Best be ready to “I Am Groot” and enjoy the new Tower of Terror…coming soon.


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