New Disney Castle

As we approach the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, we have to think that sooner or later Disney will have to open another park in the next decade or two. Will it be overseas? Who knows, but what can be known is the fact that every Disney Park has a castle at it’s center hub. There are many reincarnations of the castle, either is be Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Cinderella’s, and now a Storybook Castle, which, upon looking at the videos, is Snow White’s Castle.

The next park though, what castle will they base the princess off of? My theory? There will have to be rather not a princess’ castle, but a queen’s castle instead.

Yes, I am talking about Queen Elsa of Arendelle. In the idea of creating a new park, her castle is one that is screaming to be made. Especially in the fact that Elsa is used to light the castles for their ‘icy’ exterior when the holidays roll around. Despite the Disneyland Resort didn’t get this overlay last Christmas season, the one in Florida certainly did.

It would also draw in the “Frozen” lovers and allow them to get a look on Elsa’s ice castle as opposed to the Arendelle throne we see elsewhere. It may seem pretty far fetched, but it would still be a cool castle to put out there.

What do you think? Should we get another castle to add to the Disney Parks collection?


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