Shanghai: TRON Coaster

The long awaited arrival of this ride, as we have seen in the previews is one that I actually am very jealous that the park has. The TRON coaster.

Of course this is based off the sequel to the original TRON movie made back in the 80’s.

This high tech and beautifully designed arena makes a create coaster with the lights and design. It also seems like it would be the biggest attraction at the new park and would allow guests a great way to explore the world of TRON.

Located at the end of this post will be a video to the attraction. But my question is, do you think this attraction will only be limited to the park in Shanghai, or do you think they may bring this attraction to some of the other parks.

My hope would of course be Disneyland, and honestly, until Star Wars Land opens, we won’t see anything done with Innoventions, but that building would be the perfect spot for a new attraction to combat the rising guests in Hyperspace Mountain.

What do you think?


TRON Roller Coaster


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brent Drinnen says:

    Would love to see this as a retrofit to space mountain in WDW


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