Hidden Experience in Disney’s California Adventure

There are many in California who don’t think much of the second Disney park on property. While I personally really enjoy the park and enjoy what they provided for guests to experience, there is one place/thing that people seem to overlook, which is a fun experience.

As we have seen in the parks, there is not much exposure to the Native American side of the Frontier that is expressed unless you are getting the African exposure from Adventureland. But, when you go into Disney’s California Adventure, there is a fun experience that many have to actually look for otherwise you won’t do it.

In Redwood Creek area in Grizzly Peak, also known as the Wilderness Explorer Camp, if you go into a section of the forest, you come across a cave which allows you to find your totem.

This idea of having a totem and a totem representing who you are comes from the film Brother Bear, in which a man gets turned into a bear to show his compassion and love for others and nature. You walk inside the cave (if you are an adult, you may have to hunch a little) and place your hand on the screen. There, the wall lights up and it will find what your totem is.

Once you walk out of the cave there is a sign that tells you what the totems mean. Totems include, skunk, bear, eagle, fish, etc. Many overlook this as it is mostly a kids play area, but it is still something you can do with the kids or if lines are long.

What totem have you gotten?


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