Disneyland Shanghai: Rules of Etiquette

According to CNN, there has been a release of ‘rules’ for the locals of Shanghai when they are to visit the park. Upon even before the soft opening, the public was invited to come and visit Disney to see what it looked like from the outside. From when I saw these pictures, even I was horrified at what was done.

The flowerbeds that were freshly planted were trampled on as people sat on the flower and stomped over them. Others wrote profanities or “I was here” on the poles outside of the park, and there was lots and lots of littering done by those who just wanted to look around.

So after the soft opening, the city officials released a statement for their citizens to follow for the anticipated full opening of Disneyland Shanghai.

Rules included no littering, vandalizing, laying on the ground, cutting people in line, etc.

I personally think it’s shameful that people would vandalize or even treat their environment, let alone a tourist attraction, this way. Even if this was done for the locals to come and have a place to enjoy, how is this a good way to treat something? In the end, adults act like the stereotypical child, and the fact that the government has to remind people how to act is a little obscene.

What do you think about the matter?


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