Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

Growing up, Mary Poppins was one of my favorite films.

Even my mother, who would put on the Sing-a-long songs as a way to keep me occupied always knew when Mary Poppins was one because as an infant I’d make a noise.

I have loved even “Saving Mr. Banks” as one of my all time favorite movies because of it’s connection to Mary Poppins.

After much speculation and talks, the famed Disney classic is getting a sequel after almost 60 years after it’s original release.

Not much has been said other than the fact that it is not a reboot of the movie, or even remake, but it is simply a sequel to the original movie, which will take place after the Banks children have grown up and have gotten a loss in the family.

As for Emily Blunt taking over the role of Mary Poppins? I’m actually very excited. Julie Andrews will forever be the original Mary and be the one who set this completely into fruition, but the woman is in her old age, she also, as we all know, no longer has a singing voice which is what captured us so much about Mary Poppins to begin with. As much as we would all want her to reprise the role, it would be too painful for the alumn to sing.

What do you think of the news?


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