It All Started With A Rabbit?

As we have come to realize, Mickey Mouse was not the original guy who warmed the hearts of many to Walt Disney. That award went to a very, well, lucky rabbit.

His name was Oswald. The lost rabbit of the Walt Disney Company was a hard hit for the Disney Company back in the 20’s. Created as the first hit of cartoons by Walt, the rabbit was created with his own girlfriend, nemesis, and all the things that Mickey would later get himself. Β But what happened to this rabbit? And why is it that we only know about him now?

Well, until quite recently, the rabbit had been under the ownership of Universal Studios Pictures when Walt had worked for the other big company. It was through that point that Walt had not read his contract completely and learned that when he tried to separate from the company, he didn’t own the rights to Oswald.

Once that occurred Walt learned that he would need to make sure that all creative properties belonged to him and him only. After that fateful meeting, it was then that Mickey Mouse was born. Sort of a small replica of the rabbit, there was a great acclaim to Mickey and that is when it began.

Now, the question might become if history had been different, would Walt Disney have ever become the big icon he is today? Without Mickey is the Disney Company, well, Disney?

We are all happy to see this little guy back home, and can be seen in California at Disney’s California Adventure on Buena Vista Street with his own shop and merchandise, but again, would he be as beloved as the Mouse?


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