First Look: Cars 3

So, looking at the blog, Oh My Disney, Cars 3 has finally been given some idea of what is going to happen and what this movie is going to be about.

I have had some skepticism of the series since Cars 2. While, dare I say, I kind of enjoyed Cars 2, only because of the fact they traveled all over the world, I still felt like everyone else, that it was a big stray away from the what the original series was about. If anything, it was like a Mater short but extended into a full length feature film.

Anyways! According to the blog post from Oh My Disney, Lightning McQueen is going to be considered one of the old racers who many think need to retire. Lightning is going to have to prove himself and show that he is worth being able to still race and that he has something to give. We also have sort of a throwback to the first movie, where there is a rookie who is coming in to try and steal the title and be the latest and greatest thing.

I actually think this is a good plot line for the series as it was Lightning who had thought anyone who was old was going to beat the dust and he would easily surpass them. The fact as well that everything he had stood for and had changed on, is not being thrown in his face. Kind of late karma coming to kick him in the butt.

The blog post also mentions a new Hispanic car named Cruz Ramirez who is going to be helping Lightning through the whole ordeal. This makes me wonder, what happened to Sally? Is this a romantic interest? Or is this new car merely someone who is going to help Lightning get to win the new race?

I am actually kind of excited to see this one, and see what the new Cars film will give off. It is said to open June of 2017.

What about you? Are you ready for a new Cars film?


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  1. I’m not a huge Cars film but I don’t mind having a third instalment


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