Coco: A Dia De Los Muertos Story

One of the other newest Disney movies that is in the making is one titled Coco, which is set to release November of 2017. This film, which I am very excited about, is set to take place and center around the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, which is known in Spanish as Dia De Los Muertos.

The tradition is set around Halloween and All Souls Day. It is a day where people remember those who have passed and celebrate their lives. As opposed to this being a melancholy event, many choose to make this event a joyous one. People will set up altars where they put pictures of the deceased at their graves and will put their favorite foods and drinks the altar. They will even put things that represent the person or things they liked when they were living on the altars as well. It is a joyous and fun event for many.

It is my personal belief that Disney had decided to make this film after the hit “Book of Life” which was based on the same idea. The only difference this time was the plot for this movie, which Disney has released, is about a boy who uncovers a family secret which sets off an adventure.

Now, I am excited to see this take that the studio has decided to produce. And even though I am not Mexican myself, I grew up with Mexican traditions in my family, and I am excited to see how this film plays out and what the adventure lies ahead!

What more would you like to know about this film?


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