Elsa Gets a Girlfriend?

Over the past few months there has been talks about Elsa from the smash Disney hit “Frozen” getting a love interesting introduced in Frozen 2. That love interest though? It’s a woman.

While this has just been going around the rumor mill for some time, there has been a push recently by the voice of Elsa herself, Idina Menzel. She has been pushing for the Disney Animation Studios to allow Elsa to have a female love interest. Now, there are many who are saying that is horrible. The idea that Disney could be pushing an ‘agenda’ on youth and trying to be political would cause issues with the people who are against gay marriage, or say they are ‘all for it’ when it comes to representation in real life, but in the movies, they think it isn’t okay.

Personally, I find it great that people would want Elsa to have a girlfriend. The problem with our society is we are all glad to talk about things happening in theory, but when put into practice they get upset or think there is an agenda. We need to start representing the LGBTQ+ community in our movies, and to show children at a young age that this is something that is represented in the world.

Children are already exposed to violence, sex, and many other things that parents used to deem so inappropriate, so why is it that if we put that in there that should be no different? The fact of the matter is, there is nothing wrong with having a same-sex couple in a Disney movie, and those who are against it are very closed minded and frankly, live in a world where they don’t see all the beauty there is to see in the world.

People can believe what they want to, but I feel that if Elsa was to have a same-sex partner, it would open up the doors for children to feel accepted and to feel that there is someone representing them in the world, even a powerful ice queen who is strong and independent. There needs to be representation of all types of princesses and queens, not just the ones who have adventures with princes or men.


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