Piper: New Pixar Short

I got to see the new Pixar Short which comes on before the new Pixar film “Finding Dory” and I have to say it is a beautifully done piece.

Following a small seagull as she is beginning to learn how to feed herself, the bird learns to overcome her fears and do what she has to to survive.

Now, what I found as the most beautiful part of this short was the fact that they showed off once again how they animation can be shown as good as real cinematography now. The way the waves moved, the blades of grass, even to the birds themselves. Sure, the birds had human expressions on their faces, but the face of the matter is, with he “Good Dinosaur” they proved how much they could use technology to look like the natural world and they have done it again.

This short has heart, and soul. I give it a 10/10 Dorys. Go check it out!

What was your favorite part of the short?


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