Elena of Avalor

I know it has been a hot second since I’ve written anything, but here it goes.

From what I’ve been seeing about this show, it is going to be one that is very empowering to women and little girls a like. This princess, who will be truly considered the first Hispanic princess, is said to come from the Sofia the First franchise.

According to a cast member who I overheard in the parks a couple weeks ago, it will be about a princess who was trapped inside one of Sofia’s amulets and was released. There, we find out that she is the heir to a kingdom and she is supposed to be queen. She goes back to rule, but is apparently told she isn’t ready and needs to prove she is ready to become queen.

From the trailer I saw at the Disney Store yesterday, she will be a sword fighter, an excellent fighter in general at that, and she is independent, strong willed, and very fiesty. I haven’t seen who all the characters are yet, and I also haven’t seen everything there is to know about this princess. But what I can tell you from what I’ve seen is that she is definitely going to be an inspiration to all Hispanic girls and will have a way for her to take her place as a great Disney Princess.

Now the bigger thing that needs to happen is to make an actual Disney movie with a Hispanic princess.

Check out “My Time” on iTunes as the first single of the show!

What do you think of the show’s idea and representation?


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