Disneyland Shanghai: Roaring Rapids

I didn’t think someone would put a video up of the attraction, but low and behold, there is!

Before reading more, go ahead and see itΒ here!

Now that you’ve seen the video, let’s debunk this thing.

For those who have ever been to Grizzly River Run in California Adventure here in California, this ride is very similar to that. The one big difference between this ride and the other is the animatronic that comes at you in the attraction. I have to admit, the thing looks scary and it looks like it could be right in your face. I think that, honestly, it is amazing what it looks like and the movement of it is flawless that it looks real to come at you.

Disney Imagineering have done an amazing job of making the animtronics seem more seamless and more life-like than they have ever before.

But one thing that I realized with this attraction that I wish would come to Grizzle River Run would be the animatronic in the cave section. I think that it would be pretty easy to do, and it actually would be amazing to see a great Grizzly Bear or maybe even an abnormally large bear like from BRAVE to come into the attraction.

It may seem minor, but it would add something new to the attraction.

What are yout thoughts?


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