Wizarding World of Harry Potter v. Star Wars Land

I thought about writing about this before, but my boyfriend reminded me I needed to write about it again.

I recently went to Universal Studios for the first time in about 15 years. A lot had changed, but I went really for one big reason. I went to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Now, I know I talk about Disney and all of that, but for the sake of this post, I am telling you that the expectations of Star Wars Land needs to be big because of this land.

We have had the first immersive experience because of California Adventure’s Cars Land. This land takes you right into the world of Cars and into Radiator Springs. But the thing that it lacks in the full immersive experience is that the people who are in the land cannot be the cars. The cars don’t take your order, obviously, and they don’t do more in the land other than meet and greets.

When you get to the Wizarding World, what you notice is a complete difference from this experience is that the people in this land act as if they are from there completely. The land itself is completely immersive in every way. You don’t see the rest of the park really, and you are in the world they want you to experience.

NOW! That being said, we know that at the Animal Kingdom in Florida, there will be the experience of Avatar Land or Pandora. It is said they will be doing the same. The people on the planet will immerse you like you are part of their culture and walk around as if they are them. The same is said to be like this for Star Wars Land.

If this is true, there will be a more amazing experience into the world other than what we have seen from Disney so far. I have heard from a podcast, I want to say the WDW Radio Show, that they said as much as they loved the Harry Potter World, they admitted that Star Wars Land has to be better. Not because Universal is not amazing and that they didn’t do an amazing job on the land, but because they have to. Disney needs to prove that they are once again more superior in terms of story telling and they have to do better for financial reasons.

So my thoughts to you are, do you think Disney will be able to top what Universal has done in terms of immersing their guests? Or will they merely look to Universal for their ideas and be about the same?


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