Frozen Ever After

Replacing the Maelstrom attraction in the Norway Pavilion in EPCOT, the Florida theme park was able to get a new layover with the blockbuster hit Frozen. Many were skeptical to the addition of this attraction, as it would just be another dark ride, but many people were pleasantly surprised.

Being a semi-Frozen fan, and I love cultures in general, I was sad that I would never be able to ride the actual Maelstrom ride I had watched so many videos of, wondering when I’d get to go to Walt Disney World I could ride this attraction, but Frozen seems like the perfect overlay. Looking at the videos that so many people have put up over the past couple of weeks, it is actually easy to see that they didn’t just rid of the attraction like many thought would happen. The imagineers paid homage to the previous attraction by keeping the same track, and even in the queue they merely just added touches of Arendelle and Frozen pieces.

Now, as for the attraction itself, it seems to be a sequel to the movie, not just replaying how the movie went, which is a nice refreshing idea to a Disney attraction. They let you go to Elsa’s castle, hear the beloved songs with a new take, you even get to see Elsa in her Frozen Fever dress! It looks like an exciting attraction that one day (hopefully) I’ll be able to enjoy first hand!

Here is a video of the attactionΒ here

Personally, this attraction could easily come to the California Park, but we have our own version of a Frozen attraction now with the Frozen Musical Spectacular.


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