Soarin’ Over the World

I had mentioned it before, and I forgot to do my review of the Soarin’ Over the World attraction!

With the new overlay done to the Soarin’ attraction over in California Adventure, and now all over the Disney Parks, there are many who enjoy the attraction, and some I have even found are not as big of a fan as one might think.

Personally, the attraction was fun and exciting for me, having only been on it once. I enjoyed seeing the different places of the world as I am a large fan of cultures, as well as other countries. Seeing each of these places in a new way was both exciting and invigorating.

The only complaint, which is the one my boyfriend made as well, was there was a little too much CGI action for my taste. The one thing I loved about Soarin’ Over California was the fact that you could look at these places and it seemed like you were there. The videos they shot were really just that, the video. It seemed though as you went through each of these lands that there were fake things there. Sure, they put some things in purposefully as a way to seamlessly send you from one place to another, like the splash of a Killer Whale, or an elephant throwing dirt into your face, but I think they could have done away with that.

The new smells were great, the sceneries were beautiful. I still recommend people to see this attraction and I’ll probably ride it more times than I can admit soon enough.

What is your favorite part of the attraction?


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