Ursula Meet and Greets

I have had this thought for a while, and honestly it is hard for me to think of a real reason for this.

Why is it that Ursula is never around for us to meet in the parks? For us here in California, the only villains we are able to see actually are Kylo Ren (originally Darth Vader), Captain Hook, Pinocchio villains (once in a while), on occasion Dr. Facilier, Cruella De Vil, The Evil Queen and that’s about it. Even during Halloween, we don’t even get to meet Maleficent. So, why is it, one of the best villains of all time, we don’t get to see Ursula, or even Vanessa for that matter?

I have thought about it many times. Is it due to the fact that Ursula is set to be a large woman? If that is the case, there really isn’t a reason for that. Disney does cast very skinny or fit people to be in the roles they are hoping for, but Ursula is actually good to the Disney image.

The other reason I thought of was where could she fit in since there is no ‘water’ based area for us to meet her, but even then, there are ways for us to meet her with the ‘Disney magic’.

All in all, I am still just baffled as to why we don’t see her, or more villains for that matter in the parks. Where is the Queen of Hearts? Pete? Any one else? I am still disappointed that Halloween there aren’t more wondering around the park, seeing as the commercial that comes up every time is the villains taking over the parks.

I think the Royal Hall could personally do with the make over for the month and do well. Especially since the tent we got in Frontierland that summoned the villains is gone to make way for Star Wars Land.

What do you think? Should villains be more part of the Disney Park experience?


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