Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!

It was announced today that the Hollywood Tower of Terror, as speculated will be closing and will be making way to the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction!

Now, many are going to be really upset about the closing of this attraction. Though this is still one of the most popular attractions, in the end, the story itself is not what draws people inside. I have noticed the spooky factor isn’t what makes everyone so excited, and to be completely honest, not many actually see the Twilight Zone episodes anymore when they come on.

Disney needs to look to the future, and as always it will never be complete. The attraction keeps it’s same track, same idea of how the operation will work, but instead they will be having you help Rocket with the escape of the Guardians from the Collector. You will be able to see the Collector’s items that he has stored through the years, and you can even see it in some of the concept art that’s already been released.



The best part that they have talked about is the music aspect. Music was one of the largest components to the film and led to its success. From the imagineer, they have said that it will be much like Star Tours in that there will be a different adventure each time you board the ride, as well as different music that will be played.

I personally am very excited for this attraction and that seeing something new come to California Adventure as there hasn’t been much released since the grand re-opening of the park and re-theming other than the new Soarin’ Over the World Attraction.

Ready or not, this new attraction comes Summer 2017!



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