Dream Disney Job: Interview Process

Alright, so every Disney fanatic dreams of working at Disney. Granted, from every cast member I’ve made friends with, they have told me that they aren’t the biggest fan of the parks afterward. That aside, I have always wanted to be one of the people in plaid. I wanted to be a tour guide at the parks. I love history, hence my bachelors degree in it, but I loved reading up on the parks and learning more and more about the history of each attraction and how things happened. I need to brush up on my Disneyland history, but I used to spew facts with all the people I’d go with to the parks.

Now, I also wanted to add a story time into this as well, as I have been given the chance to work for the Disney Company not once, but TWICE and had to turn it down both times.

The first time, I was meant to work on the Disney Cruise Line. I was so excited because one, I’d get to travel all over the world, and two, because I’d get to work for Disney finally. I’d be able to spend my contract out and then be able to transfer if I’d wanted to. Everything was set. I passed both interviews, and they had my contract. All that was needed was a doctor’s clearance. Unfortunately, one of the doctors I was seeing at the time told me that I needed more sessions on something and wouldn’t sign my paperwork until then. So, Disney unfortunately said that since the doctor was going to take too long they’d have to pull back my offer.

Move forward about two months later. I had quit the job that I hated, and I was looking for a new one. I was given the chance to go and interview for Disneyland in California. I had originally been told to interview for the food services, but upon seeing that I didn’t have that much experience as a food service person they wanted to interview me for attractions. They interviewed me for Space Mountain, and told me that while everything was full, they would contact me if they had a position open, which could be up to six months. I wasn’t able to wait that long for work, and so I got a position working in Connecticut, I moved over there, and the DAY I ARRIVED, Disney told me they offered me a position. So, sadly I had to turn that down too.

I still hope one day to be able to work for the Company in a historical way, and I have even thought of writing something for the parks in that sense, but we shall see.


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