Trader Sams: A Review

I have been able to walk past this lovely establishment a couple of times over the years, but finally, I was able to go with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary and enjoy the entertainment and drinks of this place.

Now, not many know of this place due to the fact that you would need to go onto the Disneyland Property to see it, but it is located right next to the Monorail Pool just in front of the Adventureland Tower.

Now, onto the establishment itself, it was beautiful due to the fact that it is an extension of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Once inside you can see the beauties of Polynesia and how it looks in another setting. I have not been inside for when it occurs, but I have also heard that if you are fortunate enough to get a spot inside, there are times when the bar comes to life, much like how the Tiki Room does in the park.

Now, onto what is offered. My boyfriend and I had already eaten, so we didn’t eat, but we did have a drink. I got the Ka-blue-ie which was really yummy and delicious. It had coconut, pineapple and rum. It was really good, but personally I am not a fan of coconut, so I got tired of the drink after a while. My boyfriend on the other hand had the all natural white Sangria. This particular drink was really good as well, and both of us had no complaints.

The ambiance was great, even though we sat outside, and the service was alright. Granted, our server had to manage an entire section by herself, but still. We were also entertained by Polynesian music sang in Hawaiian, but they also sang songs from Lilo and Stitch with a ukelele.

All in all, this is a great place to enjoy a good drink and to relax after the parks or even if you are staying in one of the Disney hotels!

If you’ve gone, what is it that you enjoy about the bar?


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