End of Paint the Night?

The announcement was made a few days ago, one day after the announcement of the end of World of Color Celebrate! We got word that Paint the Night, the newest night time parade that was brought due to the 60th anniversary is going to be ending, along with the 60th anniversary layouts.

Personally, this is a big let down for me, due to the fact that this parade now holds a special place in my heart due to my boyfriend and I first date was watching this parade. Along with that…THIS PARADE IS JUST FREAKING AWESOME!

Yes, that may be a dumb reason to miss the parade, but it truly is spectacular. Despite merely being a complete carbon copy (excluding the Frozen section) of the Hong Kong Parade by the same name, the parade was a huge success here in California and for many reasons or another, there seems to want to be rid of it.

Now, there have been talks that Paint the Night will merely be gone for the holiday season and be put under ‘refurbishment’ until the end of the Holiday layouts at the resort. I personally hope this is true, merely for the fact that I cannot handle another few years with just Soundsational. A great parade, but one we’ve had for too long, and Paint the Night was a healthy release of something new in terms of a parade.

If the loss of Paint the Night means anything, maybe that might also mean another parade could be coming out way? Let’s hope!

The Paint the Night Parade closes September 5, 2016.


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