Return of the Electrical Parade

As I said in my last post with the leaving of the Paint the Night parade there have been some announcements that have been made which make us all here in California very happy!

My boyfriend was nice enough to show me this stuff.

One of which is that the Paint the Night parade is not leaving completely. There will be some surprise performances of the parade which will be done sporadically throughout the rest of 2016. Disney Parks has not released when these days will be, but still, the daily performances will be ceasing Sept 5.

Now! Walt Disney World is going to be losing a parade, while California will be getting back it’s original nighttime spectacular parade….Main Street Electrical Parade! It has been missing from the park since it had moved to Disney’s California Adventure many years ago. Now, with the return of this parade, it will only be around for a short time, but still is being returned back home!

I am so excited to see this parade again as my last memory was seeing it at Disney’s California Adventure when it was only a couple of years old. I can’t wait to see it again for the time we do have it!

Who else is excited?


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