Disney Pixar Forever 21 Style

It’s been a hot minute since I posted, but I had to make a post about the clothes that I found at Forever 21!

I saw a few weeks ago that Disney Style had released a clothing line with Forever 21 at least in the women’s section that there was clothes with a lot of Toy Story themed designs. Now, after today I saw that there are mens options as well!

I haven’t purchased any…yet, but there are a few items you can purchase if you plan to get something for a decent price, without having to pay Disney Parks prices for things.

The first item is a hoodie that is black and has a silver silhouette of the Little Green Men.

The second is a black t-shirt that says Monster Crew written on the pocket of the tee, and larger on the back of the shirt.

The third is black sweatpants that have Toy Story written on both sides of the pants.

The fourth is a red sweatshirt with has Mickey hands all over it.

Finally, we have a black sweatshirt that has the opening scene of Toy Story 3, where Buzz saves the train with Jessie and Woody looking over the cliff in a comic form.

I couldn’t find any photos to go with the clothing, but you can go to Forever 21’s website and check out the line. If you are also interested in the women’s clothing they are listed on their website as well or visit your local Forever 21 store.

What is your favorite item?


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