Why Do I Love Disney?

So, my boyfriend last night had me watch the movie “The Little Prince” on Netflix. Obviously this wasn’t a Disney made movie, but it got me thinking about why people think it is not okay as an adult to love Disney.

I remember once I had been on a dating app before I met my boyfriend and I had just been talking to someone, and I said I liked Disney. They told me I was a pedophile and I should be disgusted with myself.

Obviously, that comment hurt.

Now, I have been a fan of Disney since I was a child. I was raised on it. I was taken to Disneyland every year and I loved it. I loved seeing the movies, listening to the music, everything about it.

The message behind the Little Prince was simple, don’t forget about the innocence of being a child. Many times we are told we need to grow up and we need to just pay attention to the world not have that childish humor, joy, or small joys. Disney does that for me. I am able to escape the world where I have anxiety, depression, and stresses beyond my control. I can’t get this in Universal, or even other little theme parks. Disney allows that kind of escape that nowhere else can give.

People can try to capture this type of joy, but this doesn’t happen all too often, unless you’re my boyfriend who embodies childhood and adulthood so beautifully.

So, for those who say you are too old for Disney, I say stop raining on my parade. I’m not bothering you anyway.


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