Elena of Avalor: The Latin’s Princess?

It has been amazing to be able to see that Disney is trying to expand their dynasty to include so many more cultures. This includes the world’s largest populations, the Latin people of the world. Using the language of Spanish and their customs into this new princess’ show.

But that’s the problem. It’s a show. I have been speaking to many Latins, ranging from Mexico to El Salvador and they do not see Elena as their princess. The reason for this? She doesn’t have a movie that is in the theaters. Many Latins have the same problem. They believe that in order for Elena to actually be a real princess, despite being inaugurated into the Princesses, she does not have her movie and she is only advertised to small children.

I have to agree with them. Even though there is all the evidence and Disney views her at their newest princess, she does not have her own movie that is a full length feature film, like the other princesses who have been added. It is up to the people in the Disney Company to remedy this fact.

She does include many of the Latin customs such as Dia de los Muertos, or the foods, or even the language being put into the show as well. But this is what they have asked for.

Interesting enough, you can find Elena in Walt Disney World and as of December you can find her in Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in California. I had the opportunity to meet her and she even speaks to you about the culture if you ask her. I think she’s a wonderful princess, but as I am not part of the culture, I can understand their side of the coin.

Should Elena get her own full length movie?


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