Hong Kong Disneyland’s New Castle

Since coming back to write for my blog, I had been trying to think of things to write about and this one seemed to come as a complete and total shock to me when I read this article.

Seeing the success that Disneyland Shanghai has received it is no wonder that its other Chinese counterpart, Hong Kong Disneyland, would also want a refurbishment to make itself stand out. Talking to people from China itself, they have told me that going to Disneyland Hong Kong was not worth it, but Shanghai was.

Hearing that they would get their own Arendelle is completely exciting, and their Marvel expansion is also exciting. The one thing though that stood out to me that seemed almost a slap in the face was the fact that they demanded a new castle.

Seeing that it is almost a replica of the Sleeping Beauty castle here in California at the original Disneyland, it seems that is not grand enough for the Hong Kong park. True, each park was given its own unique castle, but after hearing that they felt that it was not grand enough for their park, and that they would be getting a moat around it in which they would have shows that include Moana into the mix, it felt like a slap in the face to us who love and endear the original park for it’s ‘lack of luster’ castle.

The castle does look amazing and I am excited to see these new developments in the new attractions, but does that mean the original Sleeping Beauty castle here in California might be up for a face lift? Would they completely undo the Sleeping Beauty walkthrough for something more grand like the Storybook Castle or Cinderella’s in Florida? Hard to say, but I would be on the lookout for further developments on Disneyland and what could potentially happen to the original things that spurred this park in the past. It may happen that the original may be in for more than a tune up sooner or later.


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