Top 3 Disney Christmas Movies

So as we are rapidly approaching the most wonderful time of the year, I would like to offer my own personal favorite Disney movies/specials you should watch to get into the holiday spirit. I chose Top 3, only because otherwise we’d be here all day talking about each and every one of these films.

3. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas – It is such a heartwarming story where we see our favorite Disney characters come together for three separate stories. We even see Mickey do another famous Christmas tale, after Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I thoroughly enjoy Goofy’s story in particular where he gets Max to believe in Santa after he’s shaken in his belief.

2. Prep and Landing – The entire set is pretty awesome. I love the idea of them going into the business aspect of the North Pole and making unique stories. I also love the idea that Wade, an elf who should always love Christmas ends up hating Christmas and Santa. It’s a unique concept.

1.Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas – I absolutely love this one the best. I will watch this one over and over again. Sure, we have the characters being a little odd than what they normally are, but I really enjoy it coming from Pluto and Mickey having a fight, to Minnie and Daisy’s ice skating battle. I would suggest this one completely.

Of course we have films such as Mickey’s Christmas Carol (having characters from all movies coming in), the same with Mickey’s House of Mouse, the Santa Clause trilogy. All good movies to watch.

What is your favorite?


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