New Security At Disneyland

Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for figuring it out.

While there has been no official news from the parks, there has been some construction at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, as well as through Downtown Disney which had shown that there is going to be a new baggage check system at the Disneyland Resort.

As we have seen in recent years, the Disneyland Resort has been seeing increased crowds and part of the problem with the shopping center of Downtown Disney has been the bag checks. Security has gone as far as reached the entrance to the World of Disney store which is long enough.

From what can be seen, the Disney Company has reconstructed the loading area for the Trams. What can be seen is that when you get off the escalators to get to the Tram loading area, you are to turn to the right and go through Security. There looks to be about 6 stalls up, and then you would load in the newly paved road to get you to the Resort from there.

When looking at when you might just walk to the parks, or you are just arriving at Downtown Disney, how does that stop someone from going into the parks without security? By the ESPN Zone, you can see there is about four stalls set up where you will need to go through Security there. Barriers are starting to be put up as well to stop people from walking around these Security Checkpoints.

As stated, there is no word from the Disneyland Resort on their new security system, but it is a good guess that this is what is going to happen.No say as well when this new system will be put into effect, but construction looks to be wrapping up.

What do you think of the new system?

*Image from Inside the Magic


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