Maps of the Disney Parks: A Review

I recently got to acquire the book that talks about the history of Disneyland and the parks around the world, but with the maps that have become a big part of our enjoyment of Disneyland. Personally, when I go into the park, I don’t grab one anymore as I don’t need it. But when I was a child, I would pick up a map every time. This was not because I needed to know where to go, but it was to see what changed, how the maps were different. It was exciting.

To the book that I am talking about, the book does that in general with great achievement. I merely thought the book would just show the maps, but it really went into another type of history not many look at, through maps.

In this cartographical book, it allows you to see the early sketches of Disneyland, CA and to also see how the parks were developed in not just California, but Florida and around the world as well, taking into account the Euro Disney as well.

I would definitely recommend this book to any avid Disney fan, and as a historian who loves Disney history in general. A great buy!


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