Science Behind Pixar Exhibit

Yesterday my boyfriend and I got the chance to go to the California Science Museum and see it’s newest exhibit (which will end mid 2017). This exhibit explains the math and science behind the animation studio behindΒ Toy Story,Β Finding Dory,Β a bug’s life, and many more with Science Behind Pixar.

This exhibit starts you off with a tour of the Pixar Studios and what they do in order to create the movies we all love in each of their stages. Once you finish that, you are let into a large arena where you can explore all the different parts of what they do to make the movies come to life!

This exhibit also allows you to take photos with some of Pixar’s favorite characters, even though they are large statutes. You get to even do some of the animation yourself!

It’s a very exciting exhibit which I fully enjoyed and for those who want to do computer animation or even engineering this would be a perfect place for kids and young adults a like to explore the options that are presented there. I would highly recommend being able to see it and to go to it.

As stated, this place is in the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Check out my Instagram to see the photos I took there!


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