Cars 3: Teaser Trailers

With the New Year and as we enter into 2017, we have already been graced with some Disney excitement with the release of the Cars 3 teaser trailers.

Toward the very end of last year, and in some movies such as Moana we had seen that there was a teaser trailer for the new Cars 3 movie. You can watch that oneΒ here.

Now, in that trailer we have seen that McQueen is going to have not so great of a start to the new movie. I talked about the basically plot line that was revealed to usΒ hereΒ so go ahead and check that post out before continuing.

This week, we had been given more teaser trailers which have gone all over Disney’s social media, and that is the three cars that are going to be the main characters for this movie. We have Lightning McQueen as always, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez.

Personally, and you can see through the teaser trailer, or by guessing, Jackson Storm will be that new up and rising star that replaces Lightning. I am excited to see it, and the one thing that has me even more is the ANIMATION ITSELF.

Looking at the trailers, besides the eyes (which always seem to ruin the animation for me) you can see that the cars’ animation is flawless and beautiful. I am excited to see this film and how the animation looks and will continue to look through more Pixar films in the future.


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